Safeguard makes it a point of honour to provide every collector with the best possible service for every card. From the moment we receive your order to the moment it is shipped, we are there for you.

A 6-step process

1. Reception

Each order is filmed in its entirety when the parcel is opened by us, then each card is photographed individually in order to accurately record its condition on receipt.

After checking the exact match of the cards received with those mentioned on the delivery note, each order is placed in a secure area under video surveillance.

The cards will then remain attached to the anonymous dispatch note for the duration of their processing to ensure internal traceability and to guarantee total impartiality of processing.

2. Grading

Our graders first check the authenticity of each card to detect forgeries and then ensure that there are no marks of alteration (inking, reback, colour restoration, etc.).

The status of each card is then assessed according to several distinct criteria. For more information, please consult the pageOur Expertise as well as our Grading scale.

In order to maintain a rigorous and consistent evaluation, Safeguard has introduced a systematic double grading protocol. If there is a discrepancy between the assessments of the first two graders, one of our experts will break the tie by determining the final grade.

3. Registration in the database

Once the final score has been awarded, each card is entered into our database. This will verify the authenticity of your Safeguard case and the rating of your card with its unique certification number.

Consult the database of all the cards certified by the company by entering your searches on the Populationpage.

4. Sealing

Each card is delicately inserted into a totally inert archival sleeve, with a high level of transparency and known for its great durability to preserve each of your cards in the best possible way.

With its unique security label, your card is then encapsulated inside our case, which has been purified by a powerful stream of pulsed ionised air and then ultrasonically sealed in an ISO class 5 clean room.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to work in a climate-controlled area with a very high level of air purity, guaranteeing excellent archiving over the long term.

5. Quality control

As a crucial step in the processing of your order, our quality control team carefully inspects each case to ensure that it meets our quality standards and is free from injection moulding, contamination, sealing and labelling errors.

This is where we make sure that when you receive them, you will be amazed again as you were on the first day, finding your cards sublimated in our case.

6. Shipping

Here we are. Your graded cards are photographed again and our order pickers take the time to count them again and check them against the order form. Wrapped in a protective film, your cases are then carefully and safely protected for their return to you in our storage boxes.