What grading scale do you use?

the Safeguard grading scale ranges from grade 1 (VERY POOR) to grade 10 (GEM MINT)

Similarly, the sub-grades assigned for each major characteristic reflecting the production quality and state of conservation of a card also range from sub-grade 1 to sub-grade 10.

For a detailed visual presentation of our grading scale, please visit our Grading Scale page.

Where should I send my cards for grading?

290 avenue de Paris – Espace Newton
79000 NIORT

Do I have to download and fill in a specific form to place an order?

No, to place an order, all you have to do is add the cards you want in the configurator on the Certification page and adjust the specifics of each of your cards (language, edition, number, declared value, grading options, etc.) in your order basket.

Do the grading fees include delivery charges?

What is your fee schedule for grading?

The fee schedule for the certification of your cards is available by clicking on the following link: Prices

How does the grading of a card work?

The gradation of a card takes place in 10 main steps:

1. Selection of your cards on the Site, then validation and payment of your order;

2. Your order will be shipped to our workshop in accordance with our shipping instructions;

3. Upon receipt, the contents of your order are carefully checked and your cards are immediately photographed, packaged in penny sleeves, which are then placed in a Card Saver and secured in a vault for processing;

4. Authentication and grading of your cards by 2 to 3 graders (see EXPERTISE);

5. Recording your graded card information in our population database;

6. Printing of the unique security label identifying your cards and mentioning their certification elements and insertion of your cards in high transparency archiving sleeves;

7. Encapsulation of your cards to protect them in the Safeguard case;

8. Careful quality control to ensure that there are no errors in labelling or appearance;

9. New front and back photo of each of your cards now graded to make them available for consultation on the Site;

10. Shipment of your graded cards to your address after being carefully protected and packed in our customised packaging solutions.

Where is Safeguard located?

Our company is located in France, in the city of Niort (Deux-Sèvres).

How many people work for Safeguard?

Our team currently consists of 16 people.


SGS SAFEGUARD GRADING SERVICES (hereafter "Safeguard") is an independent company offering a service for the protection, authentication and grading of collector cards. Our company does not buy or sell any collector cards and has no financial interest in the market for the cards it certifies.