To preserve their shine and condition for as long as possible, your collector’s cards deserve the best possible protection. With this in mind, Safeguard has chosen to have its protective case designed in France by a mould maker working in the most recognised high-tech sectors and a plastics manufacturer specialising in the high-end injection moulding of transparent materials who has been working for several decades for the greatest luxury houses.

A protection of excellence to preserve and enhance your cards

The result of their joint work is a high quality, robust and compact case with security features to prevent counterfeiting. With a high level of transparency and careful finishing, our protective case will encourage the contemplation and enhancement of your most beautiful cards and will guarantee easy handling and conservation without fear.

Excellent protection forpreserve and magnify your cards

* Although PMMA has excellent stability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, its characteristics do not allow it to filter out 100% of the UV rays to which it may be subjected over time. It is therefore strongly recommended that you do not leave your protective cases exposed to this type of radiation for prolonged periods of time, as this can damage the brilliance and colourfastness of your cards.

** Stable and splash-proof (IPX4) with good general chemical resistance, our PMMA case is sensitive to alcohol and solvent-based chemicals and undiluted acids and bases.

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