At Safeguard, we are convinced that we are not the only ones who consider our maps to be real treasures, sometimes acquired after years of research. Already in the 90s, we carried them with us everywhere in our pockets, then with time, the elastics were replaced by sleeves to finally give way to toploaders and storage folders.

In 2019, our desire to preserve our cards over time like real museum pieces led us to imagine Safeguard, a company created by demanding and passionate collectors, whose ambition would be to offer everyones collection a service of excellence:

The right expertise in a timeless protective case

In our workshop, located in Niort in the Deux-Sèvres region, professional rigour, dedication and the quest for uncompromising quality are the watchwords of a know-how for which nothing is left to chance.

The management team

David Sergent : As co-founder, managing director and workshop manager, David plays a pivotal role in the management team. It is he who defines the strategic action plans to be implemented in each of the company’s areas to ensure that its development objectives are met. His long experience as a card collector on multiple TCGs and the in-depth research he has carried out for over 5 years in the field of grading have enabled him to put in place a grading protocol designed to forge a high level of professionalism.

“Do you have a question about the treatment process, the grading or the website? I am at your disposal.

Marc Zhu : co-founding president and commercial and financial director, Marc has put his experience as a business leader at the service of creating an ergonomic and functional workshop that meets the most demanding requirements of our business. Responsible for overseeing financial operations and day-to-day management, he or she also leads the company’s recruitment policy.

“I can be contacted for any questions relating to the administration, management and human resources of Safeguard.

Paul Louvieaux : production manager and grading manager of the following TCGs : Pokémon (Block EX and Japanese), Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon CG, Paul has a fine knowledge of many TCGs and is one of the few collectors who has not stopped collecting his favourite cards and collectibles for over 20 years. It is often with him that you will have the opportunity to exchange on our social networks or when you request our customer service for a question related to the processing of your order.

“You can contact me if you have any questions about our scoring criteria or the cards you can submit.”

David Lafarge : co-founder, youtuber and web videographer renowned in the world of Pokémon cards, David is Safeguard’s Marketing Director. In particular, he oversees the deployment of communications operations linked to SGS’s digital strategy.

“If you are looking to organize a press conference, establish a partnership or have a question about our commercial offers, please contact me! Please feel free to contact me!”

Our team of 16 detail-oriented professionals with unwavering integrity also includes specialists for each key stage of the process (graders, welders, quality control assistants, order pickers, AI engineer), all characterised by the desire to provide the best possible customer experience. They will process your orders with the utmost care and ensure that your cards receive a service of unparalleled quality, reflecting the value of excellence carried by Safeguard.

Our quality commitments

Preserve the condition of your cards

We record a video of the opening of each package and photograph the front and back of your cards in high definition before and after encapsulation.

A well-deserved treatment

In addition to the systematic wearing of neutral handling gloves by our staff, your cards are encapsulated in a clean room where the dust is filtered.

Be truly available to you

We can be reached by email and our social network messaging systems and we respond to each of your messages within 48 hours*.

Real-time monitoring

You can follow the progress of your order in real time at any time and find out the exact location of your cards.

Total impartiality through anonymity

Personal order information that identifies our customers is not accessible to the grading staff in order to ensure maximum objectivity.

Controlled and transparent grading

Each card is analyzed by two different graders and will systematically receive sub-grades.

Detailed photos and an advanced grading certificate will ensure a maximum degree of transparency to support a high level of expertise.

* According to our opening hours
** See GTC

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