How can I get assistance in placing my order?

I can't identify the language, set or variation of my card.

The "Comments" field in your shopping cart will allow you to express your uncertainty regarding the identification of these different elements.

Why was my order cancelled?

Your order has probably been cancelled for one of the following reasons:

  • You have not sent your order within a reasonable time and we have decided to refund your money;
  • You still have an outstanding dispute on another order and we would like to close this dispute first;
  • We are not able to guarantee Safeguard quality commitments or self-imposed deadlines due to internal organisation, shortage of raw materials, work overload or other reasons;
  • We have identified an error on your order;
  • Your order was particularly badly packaged;
  • We have identified a potential fraud and we are unable to receive cards from you (uncertain origin of the cards, sending inauthentic, counterfeit, inked cards, etc.).

This list is not exhaustive. Safeguard reserves the right to unilaterally cancel an order without justification.

The package of my order sent to you has been declared lost by the carrier I chose. Will my order be refunded?

If your shipment is found to be lost by your carrier, we will refund the full amount of your order to the payment method used when you placed your order.

I would like to cancel my order. Is this possible?

How do I change an order I have just placed?

I have just completed my order but I still haven't received the summary.

It is possible that your order confirmation will be sent a few minutes after payment has been received. Please also check your "Spam" box, where the email could slip through depending on your email settings.

It is also possible that emails from the domain are blocked on your email address. Please check with your email provider to make sure this is not the case.

Finally, sometimes your order simply won't go through due to server congestion, a bad connection or other technical problems.

If you are not sure whether your order has been validated, please log in to your account and consult the "My Orders" page in your customer area to check that it has been taken into account and its status.

If you have not received an e-mail 15 minutes after placing your order and it does not appear on the "My Orders" page, please contact us at the following address: [email protected].

How can I be sure that the cards I send will be the same as the ones I receive?

As soon as we receive your order at Safeguard, our agents carefully check, during a filmed opening, that the cards handed to us correspond perfectly with those on the order form.

The front and back of your cards are individually photographed and then carefully packaged together with their anonymous order form in a dedicated storage basket and stored in a strong room under video surveillance.

Safeguard's computer system allows us to monitor the progress of your order and the location of your cards in real time. The cards remain stored in their individual baskets throughout the processing process until they are shipped to you. In addition, our internal protocol requires each employee to process only one order at a time to ensure that the integrity of the order is maintained at each stage of processing.

Under no circumstances can cards from different orders be mixed together. You can therefore be sure that you will get back the same cards that you sent us.

What happens if I enter an incorrect declared value?

If Safeguard determines that the declared value submitted for one of your cards differs significantly from its actual market value, Safeguard reserves the right to invalidate the declared value indicated and may require you to pay for the service level corresponding to its actual market value. If you refuse or are unable to pay for the correct level of service, then we will return the uncertified card to you at your expense.

How do I determine the declared value of my cards?