Will I be reimbursed for uncertified cards due to refusal?

If a card in my order is rejected by the grading team, what is the procedure?

Which cards will not be graded?

Safeguard will systematically refuse grading of the following cards:

  • Reproductions or imitations of official cards;
  • Maps whose authenticity is questionable or unverifiable according to the information available to us;
  • Cards that have undergone a process of recolouring, restoration, trimming or changing the back of the card (also called "rebacking") or any other form of deep alteration of their structure after production;
  • Les cartes altérées par des illustrateurs ;
  • Abnormally cut cards that are too large for our case (clearly exceeding the classic 63x88mm format);
  • Cards whose structural integrity is very seriously compromised (perforations, large missing portions, marked signs of burning, considerable soiling, mould, extreme twisting, etc.);
  • Cards whose state of deterioration no longer allows them to be accurately identified or their authenticity to be confirmed;
  • Cards whose nature or condition is deemed too fragile to be safely encapsulated;
  • Cards where there is a strong suspicion of theft.

Do you grading filler cards, proof cards (test print, matchprint, etc.) and playtest cards?

Do you grade "error cards", "miscut" and "misprint"?

Yes, Safeguard grades all cards affected by design errors or production accidents as long as they can be properly and safely inserted into our protective case.

Do you grade the signed cards?

Yes, we grade the signed cards and can give them the following endorsements:

  • Verified Signature (signature provided with evidence such as a photo or witnessed by our team)
  • Unverified Signature (signature provided without proof)
  • Altered Signature (signature changed or erased in part).

Do you grade displays and card boosters?

No, Safeguard does not grade these items.

What languages are accepted?

Safeguard grades cards in all languages. If the language of the card you want to grade does not seem to be available, please contact us at: [email protected].